Random Thoughts

These are simply random thoughts I have had during my travels. You may find some of them funny and others positively nutty but, I hope you enjoy all of them! I will be adding to this list regularly (I have a lot of random thoughts). The newest ones will appear at the top of the list.

Crickets. The other day I saw a cricket walking by my feet. I thought, “Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a cricket.” Not even a second later, a bird swooped from the sky—and my new cricket friend was dinner. I should have stepped on him.

Trash. Trash everywhere I go! What is wrong with people! I have, after almost seven thousand miles of travels, not left a single scrap of garbage behind anywhere. In some places—and with some time on my hands—I have policed large areas and left them considerably cleaner than they were when I arrived.

Thousands of toilets. Yes, I am kind of picky about the cleanliness of bathrooms I use on the road. When I go into one, I always carry a package of disinfectant wipes to clean at the very least the toilet seat (sometimes the whole commode)! I also bring my own 2-ply toilet paper with me—because most public toilet toilet paper is 1-ply, scratchy and totally bad.

Turning right from the left lane! You have almost been killed, I’m sure—just like me—by morons using the farthest lane from their turn to turn! Go ahead you dolt; I could use a new minivan! Enough said.

Winning the Lottery. Nope, not yet. The most I have ever won was $7.00. But, when I do win, I’m putting it to good use: the theater at Yosemite needs a big upgrade. And Mount Palomar Observatory, needs a theater!

Politics, politics! I’ve been biting my tongue on keeping politics out of TheMinivanExplorer.com blog. As my head approaches an internal explosion, I’m finding that more difficult to do. If it starts affecting my National Parks or Forests, I am going to go on the warpath! You have been warned!

Gas Prices. Boy, when the price of oil goes up—long before it’s refined into gas—the prices shoot way up. But, when the price of oil goes down, it takes weeks and often months for the price of gas to go back down! The worst offender? My home state of California! Come on, Golden boys; we know you’re leveraging the time difference to rip all of us off!

Burger King WiFi—when they have it—is approximately seven times faster than McDonald’s WiFi.

McDonald’s WiFi will connect but often will not deliver even a Google search page without issues.

U-Turns. When your GPS tells you to “Make a U-Turn,” don’t. Seconds later, it will change its mind! Arrrghh!

Dear Google Maps, you used to give me a two mile warning before I had to carry out your instructions. NOW, it’s only a quarter mile! Are you trying to kill me??