Yosemite: Blankets are good!

Center map

Overnight Temperature: 19º

It was a cold one but, the blankets worked! I am trying to avoid breaking out the zero degree-rated sleeping bag until I absolutely have to use it. Maybe it’s the challenge of it all. So far so good!

The one-word sign says it all: ICY.

I’m still awed by the scenery and by the number of people hoofing it, camping in tents (read that: intense) and by the folks that are climbing these rocks. Maybe if I were younger I wouldn’t be so horrified and give it a go!

Maybe not.

Wild life.

I’ve seen some wildlife but, not much—besides the birds (mostly giant crows) that have discovered the camping grounds are a pretty good place to pick up scraps. Much to my disappointment, the only bear I’ve seen is in a Visitor’s Center video.

And you thought I took that photo? (I’d be typing a lot faster!)

No, the only animal life I’ve caught is deer. I went back to the same field at almost the same time where I had seen deer a couple days earlier and there they were again! Must be a regular thing for this family.

The neighbors.

On my first night, two girls from Germany were braving the cold next to me but, maybe not so brave: they ran the car for heat most of the night! And that was before the nighttime temperatures dropped into the 20’s.

For the past two nights, Danni and Nate were camped beside me with Tanner, the dog. I could tell that they were old pros at camping out; they had everything they needed—including strings of LED Christmas lights in their Yukon (big truck!).

She took the keys!

Another neighbor, this morning, approached me to ask if I would take him to the Valley store to where his wife and boy were walking. Paul, a house inspector, sheepishly told me the wife had left him at the campground and took the car keys—by mistake. I know this because we saw them before we got to the store and stopped on the road (with a park Ranger right behind!).

Her only words: Oh. My. God.

Pretty embarrassing but, also pretty funny! Yes, I took him back to the campsite because he really wasn’t dressed to walk either way, much less both ways! I did stop on the way back to snap this photo so, I’m glad I did the good neighbor thing.

More photos, please!

Okay, you really should see these!

It’s difficult to not take an incredible photo while in Yosemite! Be sure to click on the photos to see them full screen. I’m heading out today, although I have determined that I must return to this place—on the next exploration, most likely!

To hell with “Drive safe and take care!” From now on, it’s…

Happy trails, my friend!

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