The Salton Sea

Center map

Man, this place stinks!

Literally stinks! You can smell the salt and the dead fish starting from miles away. And when you get closer, it’s overwhelming! I can’t see how anyone can live here with the stench so strong in the air.

Full disclosure: I didn’t even get out of the car or open a window (the photos are from Google)—and I have an outdoor air filter on my Sienna!

Short and not-so-sweet.

Yes, this blog entry isn’t going to be long—because there’s nothing to write about, except for the assault on my nostrils.

The dilapidated sign is an indicator of the total lack of care of the area. And signs for “Date Shakes” (“milkshake” type drinks made from locally grown dates) kind of made me vurp—especially with the smell of the place permeating the air.

I drove for miles upwind to Brawley to crash at the Walmart there. Better luck with my next stop, I say!

Happy trails my friends!

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