Sedona, AZ: Red rocks

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Back on the road—with a co-pilot!

I’ve picked up my friend Jan and we’ve hit the highway north towards The Grand Canyon. On the way, we passed through Sedona to see the red rocks south of the Canyon. Absolutely gorgeous territory!

Truly, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth—with the layered sediments worn away by wind and weather, showing their history and clearly displaying the evidence of massive (and deep) ocean waters that once submerged this whole area of the country.

With only a cursory review, the majesty of the rock faces and the formations left behind by a massive inland ocean are obvious.


When the American Indian was exiled to the west, the government—no doubt in a move to allay their own guilt—handed out meager supplies to all of the tribes, according to our frybread chef, Mitchell, a Navajo and desert storm veteran (not exactly your typical Indian name, IMHO).

Never lacking in creativity, the tribes concocted a use for the flour handout—with each developing their own recipe for a flat, fried bread dusted with sugar, cinnamon or honey. When we came across a little stand by the roadside selling jewelry, other crafts and fresh, made-on-the-spot frybread, you gotta know we stopped and sampled this famous, as-seen-on-TV tribal staple!

In a word, delicious!

Montezuma wasn’t here!

A place called Camp Verde was home to several cliff dwelling tribes at different times, including Hopi, Puebo, Yavapi, Apache and others. These cliff dwellings often had five or six stories, accessed by ladders and ropes that could be pulled up, out of reach from strangers or anyone who threatened the security of the village.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen any of these ancient caves carved into the sides of the limestone, although I’ve seen just about every documentary ever made about these spiritual people.

Used for thousands of years, the inhabitants split up and settled elsewhere around the turn of the 16th century. No one really knows why—and it’s a bit of a mystery since this was a stable, secure home (with a river below) and a great view!

Tomorrow morning, it’s a hot breakfast and then, a sunrise experience at the Grand Canyon. Can’t wait!

Happy trails my friends!

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