Seattle: Walmarting

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No overnight parking!

The signs, dozens of them, say “No overnight parking” at the Walmart in Federal City, just outside of Seattle. But, when I arrived to stock up on a few propane tanks for my new Mr. Heater Buddy, I found the largest collection of campers I have seen in a Walmart parking lot since, well, ever!

So, I decided to stay myself.

Despite several drivebys by the Federal City Police, no one was spoken to and no one was asked to leave—one officer pulled right up to me and simply smiled! And then, he left.

The story goes…

FYI, most Walmarts encourage campers to use their parking lots as Sam Walton, the story goes, was a big RV enthusiast. But, some Walmarts apparently don’t (I have an Android App that shows me where every Walmart is and whether or not overnighting is allowed).

“Sam Walton left it in his will that anyone can sleep in his parking lots for the night.”—Common knowledge, which may or may not be true!

These particular campers were also about the messiest campers I’ve seen, leaving behind all kinds of trash when they took off Saturday morning. That’s in direct conflict with my own philosophy of leaving not a speck of garbage behind wherever I go.

Coyotes in the parking lot?

I did notice one nondescript old white van (only one window!) that regularly dispatched family members into the store for leche (milk) and other sundry items.

The crusty old white guy who was the driver basically stayed away from the van once he arrived. I’ll bet he didn’t know his passengers were frequenting the store while he was away!

My guess is that there were at least four or more people inside that van—going somewhere (we’re so close to the Canadian border, could Canada be their ultimate destination?).

Uh oh, another Trump wall!

Old vans, new problems.

I really felt for a young man (with crazy hair) who has been having mechanical issues with his GMC van—right out of the 1970’s. I mean, just what do you do when you are stuck at a Walmart with an old, misbehaving vehicle that is your home on a regular basis?

The noise coming from his engine tells me he’s got a hole somewhere in his exhaust system—or the manifold. So, it’s probably not a game killer—just loud!

The Space Needle!

Seattle means Space Needle and I’ve found it on the map (there’s a nice park next to it that calls my name)! I crossed Boeing off my list—because they charge $25 to tour the manufacturing floor!

You don’t even get a free plane at the end of the tour!

Turning east.

With my excursion spanning the west coast now complete, it’s right about now I have to decide which route to use as I head to the east. I am drawn to I-90, the road that takes me directly to Snoqualmie Falls, on a direct course to the northeastern corner of Wyoming—where the great attraction of Yellowstone is located.

I’m also happy to report that there are several National Forests along the way—and that means some scenery and a good selection of camping/sleeping opportunities! And you already know how much I like our National Forests!

All those jokes?

And all of those jokes about Seattle and rain? They’re not jokes at all! It’s all true! Even when it’s supposed to snow, it rains, instead! As a matter of fact, the rain has not stopped—day or night—since my front tires crossed the Oregon-Washington state line!

Christmas cash!

My nephew sent me some Christmas cash! His timing is really good—because I need some “Mr. Heater” propane (from Walmart, of course!) and I could use some backup gas money (my SS check won’t arrive for another week!)—although I currently have a full tank of gas (about 350 miles).

Thank you, Paul. I love you!

Happy trails my friends!

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