San Diego: TV or not TV?

Center map

Oh hell no! TV!!

tvThat’s right, I installed the flat panel after all. It was easier than I thought it would be—and drilling some holes for the mounting bracket wasn’t very difficult. So, my 22″ HDTV is affixed to the center vertical support just behind the slider door.

I’ll be getting an outdoor magnetic mount antenna that I can put out at night (or in rainy weather) and fishing the coax cable out through the bottom of the port window just behind the TV.

And that about does it!

This was the last modification I had planned to make before heading out to the unknown. And my launch date is quickly approaching so, I may just take it easy for the next couple of days. I’ve already been to the grocery store to buy some non-perishable foods, many of which are in cute little cans with pop tops, and they’re loaded into the plastic bin storage under the bed.

I am getting excited now! I might be making the rounds locally to say farewell to the locals before I leave. That might delay my actual launch day if there’s a free lunch or dinner involved (can you blame me?). But, I am anxious to get on the road and start my adventure.

sandiegopacificoceanThere may be slow progress at first; I was thinking about spending some time hanging around the ocean just north of San Diego proper. This may be the last warm weather I can find for the duration of the voyage!

And oh, I am leaning towards that USB heating panel for those really cold nights but, surprise, it’s been discontinued! There are still plenty of stocks at various places, though. So, when I order one up, I am confident I’ll be able to find one.

Drive safe and take care!

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