San Diego: The Mechanic’s Parking Lot

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You’ll think I’m silly but…

colemancoffeeI’ve learned something already when it comes to living in a minivan. First, park on a level surface! I was concentrating on making sure my head was higher than my feet but, last night, I discovered side-to-side also matters—a lot! Apparently, I was at just enough of an angle to cause both the bedding and me to slide during the night to the passenger side of the Sienna!

Several times I found myself on the edge of the bed—when I had started out on the other side! Well, I woke up laughing about it but, from now on, I’m going to look for flat and level places to shut down for the night!

Dear Mr. Coleman…

Ohh how beautiful my little Coleman butane canister stove is! It took longer to read the instructions—before my morning coffee, mind you—than to whip up a cup-o-joe! It only took about a minute before the little tea kettle was calling my name. And that blue flame is mesmerizing! I’m going to have to light it up some night and just stare at it sometime.

Not very far from home.

I did my “dry run” in my driveway but, last night, I went to my auto mechanic’s parking lot (not very brave, I know) and blended in with all of the other cars waiting to be repaired. There was only one interruption: around midnight, a tow truck arrived and dropped off a little white car that obviously needs some attention when the garage opens on Monday morning.

It has occurred to me that an auto repair shop—with all of its transient cars in the parking lot—would be a good place to rack out in any city! I even plugged in my jumper battery to fully recharge overnight. Great fun, my friends!

Drive safe and take care! 

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