San Diego: The Dry Run

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Happy as a clam.

img_20161112_061706If clams are honestly happy, that is. I slept in the Sienna last night for the first time! I expected it would be good but, it wasn’t. It was great! I am so glad I went with a real bed and not a wood platform with a makeshift mattress! Still, it was cozy to say the least.

When I opened my eyes this morning, the sunrise over the mountains in the distance was the first thing I saw out the back window.

In a word: wow! 

No more laundry.

I did all of my laundry yesterday so, I am starting out with everything clean. I found out I was too hot with my seven blankets—with the overnight temperature being 48º. I’m sure that will be changing as I head north and the winter is upon me and my little minivan companion.

I did, however, discover that Toyota has insulation in all of the compartment walls. How did I discover this? When I drilled the holes into the vertical support to install my HDTV mount, the drill bit pulled out some fibrous gray insulation (kind of made it a little difficult to drill through). Yaay! I call that good news

They warned me!

I am going to go with what I have packed into the Sienna already but, I can already tell that—from only one night—I have too much stuff in there (just like all of the van dwellers on YouTube have warned!). Funny that.

And oh, my new laptop has built-in Bluetooth! The photo above is the first test of sending pix directly from my phone to the computer. It works!

A few more days of dry run while still in my neighborhood then, the installation of the CB (most likely in the Fry’s parking lot!) on Wednesday and I’m off on my adventure through the American west. My next post should be from a local McDonalds’ WiFi connection.

Drive safe and take care!


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