San Diego: Takin’ care of business…

Center map

Got my sticker!

The new catalytic converter worked and the “check engine” light is satisfied—and off! The Sienna has passed her smog test (with flying colors) and after a short line at the DMV sticker machine, I was issued a new “2018” orange plate sticker.

How do I spell relief?


Preparing to bounce.

I’ve been doing the standard not-on-the-road stuff: watching some TV, eating kitchen-made food, washing clothes and bedding, shopping for “must haves” like paper towels, cowboy foods and, of course, Mini Moo’s for my morning coffee!

Yes, those Mini Moo’s usually come in boxes of 22 but, this box—from Sam’s—has 192 of them!

I’m expiring!

I’ve been getting notices—as though the world is ending—to update the information on my credit cards. I typically don’t use cards online to pay bills (I always use my bank pay to do that; don’t want companies to have access!), but some things, ya just gotta!

So, by default, I have to wait for new cards to arrive in the mail (how quaint!) and that means I’ll be “stuck” in San Diego until the week of the 19th.

I’m heading to the alignment place this morning to get the back wheels aligned (so I don’t have to replace those tires every 3,000 miles)! I’ll be talking with you before I leave …for Crater Lake!

Happy trails my friend!



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