San Diego: Take Two And… Action!

Center map

Almost there!

I had a bad feeling about that Check Engine light but, I am not an auto mechanic and my expert, Antonio, is. The master mechanic tells me my catalytic converter is, indeed, going to have to be replaced sometime. Just not today!


You see, the vehicle computer monitors for catalytic performance—and when that performance drops by as little as one percent, it sends out a red alert. The standard for cats is 95% so, when it hits any fraction less than 95%, it thinks the world is ending! The fact is, the cat is operating just fine; it’s just not behaving like brand spankin’ new.

It’s something that won’t affect my gas mileage, nor will it ruin my engine to work like it is—unless it fails completely (there would be all kinds of bells and whistles showing in the computer codes if it did).

So, off I go into the wild blue yonder—today!


I have not been goofing off while I’ve been sidelined for a day. Thank goodness I took a look at my cell phone’s coverage area before I left home! The moment I left California, I would have been stuck without communications from Sprint (Sprint sucks in many other respects, too!).

I found a great coverage map across the western U.S. at AT&T—and I found that Cricket, by far the best deal operating on the AT&T network, was the way to go. The manager of my local Cricket store hooked me up (she was quite cute too!).

Breakfast and bathroom—and I’m starting out again!

Drive safe and take care!

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