San Diego: Signage!

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Marketing 101

rearwindowThe Sienna, my trusty steed, is now branded. The back window has a giant website logo and there are smaller logos on the back side windows. I think they add a nice touch to my little hobby project and a little marketing is never a bad thing!

I have to admit, they look pretty good!

sidewindowHope it doesn’t look too, uhh, “corporate” and that people who see it on the road will wonder what the heck that is—and check out the website. The decals were pretty easy to apply but, I did have to deal with some bubbles.

Speaking of On The Road…

packedupTo be perfectly honest, I am getting too excited to wait around before I leave on this road trip! And since Thanksgiving is too far in the distant future with my Sienna all ready to go—for the most part—I’ve decided to leave on the 13th (you know: for good luck!).

So, my launch date has been moved up—almost two weeks—to November 13, 2016—the day after the Chargers beat the Miami Dolphins (remember, lightning doesn’t have an off switch)!

From now until then, however, I will continue to make preparations and small tweaks to everything I’ve done so far.

Drive safe and take care! 

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