San Diego: Plenty of Storage

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Plastic Storage boxes!

boxesI think the people at Walmart are getting tired of seeing me. I filled the storage area under the bed frame with five plastic bins today. They sit comfortably side by side and all of them have lids, one of them (the storage for the car fluids) with a locking top to stop any noxious fumes from escaping into the cabin.

Two of the five are both deep and long. And while the other two are half as deep but, also long they stack neatly together, filling the space nicely. All of them are almost the entire width of the bed but, in the space behind them and against the driver’s side wall, I’ve stored my four person tent in its bag. It’s sort of a jigsaw puzzle down there.


I attached a fire extinguisher o2sensor fire-extinguishernear the slider door just behind the passenger seat (I made sure the seat was all the way back and could recline in that position without knocking it off the support.

Also attached the carbon monoxide sensor—just above the ashtray—that sits near the sliding door! How funny is that? Testing, one, two.


It’s been over 24 hours since the mattress expanded from it’s flat shipping state into, well, a mattress. So, I tried it out today. Nice! It’s exactly what all of the reviews said it was: supportive and comfy soft.

Now, the 18″ height of the bed combined with the eight inch thick mattress doesn’t allow me to sit straight up without knocking my head of the headliner but, I suppose that is the reason someone, somewhere invented the chair

Speaking of sitting while it’s rains…

I went to a Harbor Freight Tools store today. It’s a dangerous place! Good thing I have limited space in the Sienna ’cause my impulse was to buy one of everything, even though I don’t weld, nor do I own an air compressor!

I did find a 10′ x 10′ canopy for $70 but, I didn’t buy it. Don’t think I can fit it inside the Sienna so, I might just have to get a little wet or come up with a solution to having the side or back door open during some weather.

I think I wouldn’t be remaining true to the whole “minivan” idea if I mounted a Thule carrier on the roof to pack some stuff so, any “tailgating” I would be doing is going to have to be commando style (no accessories).

This is a stick up!

I believe there will be a delivery tomorrow of the custom-made, die cut decals I ordered with the  logo. When they get here, the Sienna will be branded with its true purpose: to explore! It’s also possible the business cards I printed will arrive—I can hand them out instead of having to write the URL for the site on the back of a napkin when someone wants to know how to get here.

Until the next update, TGIF, drive safe and take care.

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