San Diego: Off to a good STOP!

Center map

Well, I didn’t get very far!

img_20161117_073331Yup. I only made it to Ramona (about sixty minutes away) when the Check Engine light came on! I pulled over and pulled out my trusty ODB scanner and plugged into the Sienna, to find the “Catalytic System Below Threshold, Bank One” which means, my catalytic converter decided not to cooperate with my Great American Adventure!

Doesn’t it know I am anxious to get going!?

I did take a look at SiennaChat to see what others are saying about their P0420 engine code but, my expert, Antonio promised me I shouldn’t worry and that he’ll check it this morning (I called him just before he closed last night from the side of a mountain road). This little problem may not cost me over a thousand dollars—solved simply by a better tank of gas or a new gas cap (I had just filled the tank)!

After all, this minivan is over sixteen years old!

I’m not deterred from embarking once again into the unknown—hopefully today. And I do know that when you buy an old, used car, you’re going to have repairs; old car stuff like: battery, alternator, water pump, radiator, starter motor, muffler—and a catalytic converter, of course!


I was successful in getting the new CB radio installed before the red alert from the dash. I am hoping that, once I leave the city and traverse the more open spaces that a lot of RF interference will dissipate—unless CB’s are simply noisier today than they were forty years ago!

It’s comforting to know I can listen to the mechanical voice of the National Weather Service, only one button away! That will come in handy in the middle of nowhere when it’s pouring down rain and I’m stuck inside the Sienna, roughing it with my HDTV.

Wish me luck at Antonio’s; I’m on my way there now!

Drive safe and take care!

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