San Diego: Muh muh muh my Sienna!

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Sorry, just felt like singing!

The new launch time is approaching fast! There are still lots of easy, yet time-consuming, things to do! I got tired of looking at the mattress without its bedding so, I made the bed with sheets, two blankets and a comforter in anticipation of colder weather mid-November and the frozen nuh nuh nuh north!

If temperatures get too bad, though, I’ve got my zeroº-rated sleeping bag.

An exercise in, well, exercise!

yawn1Funny thing, putting a bed in a minivan: there’s not a lot of access to make a bed! I have discovered the easiest method is to fold the fabric multiple times, by width, and to put the folded sheet/blanket/whatever on the bed closest to the front through the side door.

Then, unfold the bedding halfway down before moving to the back door and continuing to unfold towards the back. A quick tug to straighten it all out and viola! A made bed! Much easier than walking around the minivan repeatedly, using the driver’s door, the side door and the back door to work on each corner!

containersNext task: stocking the fridge, metaphorically speaking (camping with a refrigerator; Who does that!?). I need a plan to store everything I’m taking with me for easy access (I don’t want to unpack every storage container just to get to the ones I use regularly on the road).

Just a little logistics exercise!

Drive safe and take care. 

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