San Diego: Made it!

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Well, I’m home.*

The drive from Phoenix was uneventful, excepting the very real inflation of gas prices—filled up in Yuma at $1.99 a gallon.

The price of gas throughout southern California, however, is over three dollars now—with San Diego approaching $3.50 a gallon!

In the words (word) of a Presidential Tweet, BAD!

The family is fine.

My family is doing well—and that’s comforting to know. In reality, they were more concerned about me (I don’t think they totally “get it” with me exploring the west and living in a minivan)!

I took the opportunity to review my accouterments with them (yes, that is the preferred English spelling), including a real twin bed in the back of the Sienna. And armed with a propane heater and a butane stove, I really have all of the comforts of home—and then some.

No progress on the back door!

My mechanic, Antonio, was stumped by the back door being frozen shut (first time I’ve ever seen that). It looks like I’m stuck with it being out of service!

I suppose that’s okay, as I’ve rearranged the storage space under the bed frame to access everything I need from the sliding side door. I’m due for a free oil change and a tune-up and he’s told me he can get those done in the next few days.

Breaker breaker!

Before I left Phoenix, I went online and ordered a new CB antenna to replace the one shredded by that car wash when I forgot to remove it. Picked it up today (Home Depot) and it’s now magnetically affixed to the roof—where the old one used to sit.

A short recharge.

The plan now: finish up the minivan maintenance and head out, once again, into the great unknown. I see myself back on the road mid-month.

Thank you.

If I haven’t thanked you lately for reading my blog, let me reiterate my appreciation for your kindness. The web stats show over two hundred thousand page views since I started this site in late October.


I hope you will continue to follow my travels as I begin Exploration: Phase Two. I’ve got Crater Lake in my thoughts—and I wouldn’t mind going back to Yellowstone, provided the snow is gone and the park is open around Old Faithful. We’ll have to check out the weather prognostications for the next couple of weeks!

*Home is where the heart is!

Happy trails my friends!

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