San Diego: Let’s GO—Again!

Center map

Getting antsy.

Funny that! You would think returning to SD would calm my savage soul. But no! I am anxious to get back on the road.

My trusted and talented mechanic, Antonio, has changed my oil and fixed a cranky hood latch that threatened, someday, to send my hood crashing into my windshield!

And my doctor has given me a clean bill of health so, it looks like I’m ready for more exploration!

Drought despite the rain!

It’s been raining since I got here. And even though the streets were flooded until now—there’s mud everywhere—a news report just today says SoCal is still in a drought—that same report said our reservoirs are all full!

Phase Two.

Phase One, a complete circle that took me north through California, Oregon and Washington, east through Idaho and into Montana, south through Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Arizona, and back west to San Diego, is complete!

Phase Two is about to begin—mid-month! I didn’t make it to the Mount Palomar Observatory last time—and you might already know I am an astronomy buff—so, I think the famous telescope is going to be my first stop! The Cleveland National forest, where Palomar is situated, is not yet open. But, the close-by Palomar State park camping grounds are. Ha!

Death Valley Days?

Wow-wee! Just the name should give any reasonable person pause. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to head there before the weather gets toasty hot? I thought you might agree with me on that one! So, I’m noting that one under “next,” after Palomar.

Las Vegas?

Ohh, you know I probably shouldn’t do Vegas! You have to be prepared to lose whatever you gamble—and I’m not exactly wealthy! I think I’ll stick to buying a lottery ticket every now and then. End of story!

Oregon’s Crater Lake is still calling my name so, I am going to “pencil that in” for the near future (gotta check out the weather when I get a little closer to the deepest lake in the country).

I’ll be updating you just before I have my Phase Two launch date! Until then…

Happy trails my friends!

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