San Diego: Coming along nicely

Center map

The preparation continues.

The twin mattress I ordered a couple days ago will arrive tomorrow. And the steel frame arrives on Thursday. I’ll be cleaning the inside of the Sienna before the frame arrives—and putting down a rug I bought yesterday that will cover almost the entire space.

If something is spilled or gets burned, I can easily replace a $16 rug. Not so much the minivan carpeting! A rug is also softer on the bare feet. This cheap rug has a spongy feel and a non-slip backing to stay in place. It’s dark brown and will be forgiving of dirt and stains.

That reminds me: maybe I should get a fire extinguisher to carry along. 

TV or not TV?

flatpanelI purchased a 450 watt voltage converter today for about $50 (it plugs into the 12V D/C power outlet in the back and delivers 110 Volts A/C). It wouldn’t power a microwave (at least 700 watts) or a coffee pot (yikes, 1500 watts!) but, it will charge all of my devices and allow a small flat screen television (a 24″ panel only uses 30 watts!)—if I can figure out where to put one!

I’m thinking a TV can be attached to the not-too-deep shelving unit I intend to get at Home Depot—when I see how much room I’ve actually got after the bed is in place (I’m hoping for a clearance of 12-15 inches). This way, an antenna wire would have a path, through a side window, to the roof (haven’t shopped for an antenna yet). If I get really brave, I might snag a marine TV antenna and drill that hole through the roof that I’ve been trying to avoid (think Seattle rain)!


There have been more than a few people wondering what the hell I’m up to. My shopping cart must give away my crazy intentions, attracting interest and questions from total strangers!

I take the time, albeit not very much, to explain what I’m doing to my old minivan. Invariably, once they learn I’m blogging all of the details of my travels, they ask me for the website name.

bizcardbackSince I’ve written it down over a dozen times now, I decided I needed—gasp!—a business card to hand out. I’m sure I’ll be meeting many more people on the road so, I clicked over to and ordered up 500 cards for a little over $10. Pick a card, any card!

Give me a sign.

I had already thought about some “signage” to raise a little interest in the website while I’m driving. I found a company online ( that makes custom, die-cut transfer decals and will look nice while making a statement and promoting the trip. I uploaded the website logo, tmedotcomnoah, and $25 later, they’re making a decal for me that I plan to slap on the rear door window.

route66stickerTo make the matte gray Sienna a little more visible—especially at night or in rainy weather—I’ll also be adding a bright blue reflective strip across the back door and vertically on the inside door jam of the sliding door to warn other drivers when the minivan is stopped with the sliding door open (being hit by a car exiting the minivan would be a real buzzkill!).

So far, the vehicle has been devoid of stickers, save one: a Route 66 sticker I added during my trek west to California. There is one more sticker I plan to display but, I’m keeping that one a secret for now (it will be revealed soon enough!). My brother tells me to collect stickers along the way and put ’em on the side windows but, I dunno ’bout that!

My next blog entry should be in a couple days, when the bed is installed. Until then, drive safe and take care! 

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