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It’s a stick up!

enterpriseearthorbitWith all of these vinyl transfer stickers I’ve been, well, sticking lately, I couldn’t resist one more. But it had to be subtle, classy and refined. None of this “Starfleet Academy” crap!

As an old Trekkie myself (a term that has been associated with nerds since the late 1960’s), I appreciate technology and the promise of a unified future for mankind where everyone is equal and there is no want for the things we all need to “live long and prosper!”

I digress.

If you put a sticker on your car that features a zombie you will, most likely, attract others who are of the same mind (or lack of one). But, what of Star Trek fans who believe respect of all beings is the penultimate way of the universe? That’s right—we are typically relegated only to “Starfleet Academy” decals!

startrekUntil today.

No, today there is the Starfleet emblem that every Trekkie knows and that indicates a love for Gene Roddenberry’s fanciful view of the future. That is my big secret as mentioned in an earlier post. And today I added that universal sticker to my back window!

On a more serious note…

bluetapeGoing on a long road trip, invariably risking life and limb by other drivers not paying attention, I am concerned about safety like no other time in my driving life.

So, also today, I added a highly reflective blue tape strip across the bottom of Sienna’s back door for visibility. It’s a stunning blue during the day and a real eye opener at night!

I know some of you are going to give me the nix on that because you think it’s illegal for a non-emergency vehicle to display blue. That’s true of lights but, not of reflectors or reflecting tape! 

The bright lights of the law…

And while the DOT has no Federal restrictions, some State jurisdictions do—including the State of Washington, where I am ultimately headed in early December! says, in that state, you may use a blue reflection “as long as the height of the tape does not exceed one inch.”

My blue tape is one half of an inch and is, therefore, legal in one of the few places that regulate the use of blue. That’s not to say there won’t be questions but, I like the police so, I don’t see a problem with having that conversation if I’m pulled over for impersonating a firetruck!

Drive safe and take care.

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