San Diego: 99.9% Ready to GO!

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I’m taking the plunge.

cobra18Since I’m going to be spending so much time on the road, I have decided to go the way of the truckers and put a—gasp!—CB radio into the Sienna. It’s possible I will be out of range of a cell phone signal so, not only will I have access to the old fashioned  push to talk technology, I’ll have a back up communications system—just in case!

10-4 Good Buddy!

Nooo, I’m determined to not talk like that! But, as a kid, I used to have an interest in all things that transmit—and I remember building a couple HeathKit walkie talkies that were large and heavy with a battery life of about one half hour. I still have the very first thing I soldered: a volt/ohm meter. And it still works!

I’ve researched CB radios and chose a Cobra 18WX ST II, a teency transceiver with a channel scanner and a weather radio circuitry so, I’ve got some backup weather source with me—in addition to my smartphone apps (weather, RADAR, storm warnings).

The Sienna has little room for anything to be included on the dashboard (those crrrazy Japanese!) but, I’ve found a place on the side of the support that holds the radio and heating controls. I’ll be using a a strong magnetic base antenna I intend to put on the roof near the back.

The ol’ Social Security check arrives on Wednesday so, I’ll be hanging near my local Fry’s Electronics until then. A few holes drilled to mount the new radio and I’m off on “The Great American Adventure!”

Drive safe and take care!

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