Roadtrip 2.0

Center map

And we’re off!

In a few minutes from now (after one last indoor shower), I’m hitting the road again for a second roadtrip. “Excited” is the word! First stop: the Mount Palomar Observatory.

Boy, is it humid in SD this morning! Accuweather says it’s 90%. My skin says it may be 100%! As is the case in southern California most of the time, early morning humidity and, especially, fog typically burns off by mid or late morning.

I’ll be gone by then!

I’ve kissed the family goodbye and I’ll be missing them. Last night, I took them all to dinner at a local Thai place (Tamarind in La Mesa) and we all stuffed ourselves.

I am so proud of my nephew; while everyone else wimped out with a mild dish, ol’ Zeke ordered up a spicy hot dinner and didn’t sweat a drop (you know I did too!).

I’m O-W-T, out!

So, my laundry is clean, the Sienna is gassed up—whew! gas prices here are almost double that of what I’ve found elsewhere—and I’m grabbing my coffee kit (the fam doesn’t do coffee! what’s wrong with them?) and off I go into the foggy gray yonder!

I’ll see you right back here, most likely Friday afternoon or evening, with the details on my visit to the telescope I’ve dreamed about since I was a little kid!

Happy trails my friends!

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