San Diego: Preparing The Minivan

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A Two Week Countdown.

It’s taken a couple weeks to get everything organized to get on the road. I figure, once I’m driving away from the home base, I had better have everything I need with me and not sitting in storage in a garage in San Diego!

thisisitI plan to do a “dry run” while the minivan is sitting in my side yard for about a week, just to see what I forgot during the planning stages. I will only go into the house to use the bathroom—and I’ll have wifi available (the router is near the outside wall where the minivan is parked).

New sidebar items!

I’ve created a pre-trip expense list on the right sidebar. And I’ve added an earthquake monitor—because, in California, we’re going to do some shaking during this little excursion (I just hope I’m not on a bridge—or under one—when the big one hits!).

I’m getting excited.

The reason why I’m getting excited is because I found an incredible bedding solution last night. Instead of a half-assed setup, I decided to go for the gold and use a real platform bed. Yes, sleep quality is important—especially when you’re driving and need to be well rested.

zinus18inchplatformThe Zinus Quick Snap 18″ Platform Bed Frame ($110) is made of steel and has wood slats no more than three inches apart for supporting a mattress nicely. Underneath, there is a clearance of sixteen inches for all kinds of storage space!

It’s a twin-sized answer to to all kinds of minivan problems. It will take up 36″ of width in the back but, leaves some room for things like the folded table and a little free-standing shelving for everyday items. I’ll have some plastic bins to organize the storage below.

linenspa8inchmemfoamhybridI was going to go, originally, with some kind of four inch plain foam mattress but, with an actual twin bed frame, I decided to buy a hybrid coil and memory foam mattress that reviews say is firm and cushion-y.

And so, the LinenSpa 8″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress ($100) was my choice. Sitting on the wood slats of the frame, the combined 18 inches and 8 inches make for a pretty high place to sit while I’m not horizontal. For a couple hundred bucks, I feel the choice of this bedding solution is well made.

I’m heading to the local Walmart to pick some plastic boxes with lids for my under bed storage. Yes, lids will keep the contents clean and humidity-free (remember, a minivan is basically outside in the elements).

Thanks for clicking in! I’m browsing for a better voltage converter to be wired directly into the electrical system so I can have more power! I’m also going to replace the interior lighting with LEDs—also available at any Walmart—so I can use the dome and side lights for hours and not kill the battery with the engine off. I’ll keep you updated with what I find.

Drive safe and take care!

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