Phoenix: Museums

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Down Time.

After a whirlwind of exploring the Grand Canyon, painted desert, Monument Valley and ancient Indian ruins, I am taking a little down time in Phoenix—before turning west and heading back to San Diego to refresh (and to get my back door repaired!)—in anticipation of beginning another tour.

warmer tour!

Scottsdale’s Museum of the West is full of paintings and sculpture by Thomas Moran, Alfred Jacob Miller, Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell and historic Native American art works.

This is the museum to see if you have any attraction to the old—and sometimes, wild—west.


The rear window sticker collection is looking pretty good! From left to right, the (circular) Navajo Nation seal, Texas flag, Oregon “O”, Montana love, “I love Beaver” (Utah), wiper, Grand Canyon, Montezuma Castle, Yellowstone, Washington state, Yosemite and the original Star Trek logo I started with.

It looks like my website graphic (top) is a little worse for wear: it’s missing part of the “v” in Minivan, the extension of the first “r”  in Explorer and a piece of an “e” in Explorer, all of this as a result of the rear window wiper.

Oh well!

Happy trails my friends!

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