Phoenix: Car Wash

Center map

What a dumbass!

Well, I washed the Sienna (it was covered with leftover road salts from Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon)—and forgot to remove the magnetic CB antenna from the roof.

The only thing left outside was the snapped and frayed coaxial cable coming out of the passenger door!

I can’t believe I did that. It didn’t hurt the radio itself but, there will be another $30 out of pocket expense to replace it! 

Winter weather?

Really. “Winter” in Phoenix is 42º nights and mid-70’s days. And yes, I’m wearing a T-Shirt right now!

I found the world’s largest sun dial in Cave Creek, a small artists’ sanctuary just north of Phoenix.

Cave Creek’s main drag was loaded with local artists’ metal sculpture stores—and when I win the lottery, I’m coming back here to buy a whole herd of metal animals for my front yard.

I’m sure my neighbors will love them!

The Grand Canyon!

I’m leaving for the Grand Canyon tomorrow—with a travel companion! Most of the Canyon is closed, although I don’t know just how you can close a giant trench running for many miles (I will bet I can find a road somewhere that will take me into the National Park that is somewhat off the beaten path!).

Nevertheless, I don’t expect to stay very long before returning to Phoenix to drop off my assistant Explorer. If we make it a short visit to the Canyon, we’ll have some time to visit the U. S. Air Force airplane graveyard.

I’ve always wanted to see that in person.

Happy trails my friends!

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