Phoenix: An old friend

Center map

Not that old.

I’ve arrived in Phoenix and had lunch with a dear friend who will be joining me for the trek to the Grand Canyon. She’s an amazing person—taught me how to be a pilot (fixed wing) while working with her many years ago.

Fearless, it’s no wonder she’s willing to risk a long drive in an old minivan with a crazed retiree exploring the west!

There’s only one original tire on the Sienna now so, I think we have a pretty good chance of making the Phoenix-Canyon round trip without a hitch. I hope I’m not jinxing it by saying this!

Oh, these poor people with jobs!

We’ll be leaving on Thursday at noon—after an appointment she must attend. I’ve already cleaned up the minivan and done the laundry.

Man, it’s a huge undertaking to make a bed in a vehicle that has access only through the driver’s and side doors (I needed a nap after wrestling with it!).


Well, in Phoenix, “winter” doesn’t necessarily mean cold like the cold I’ve been experiencing in the last month or so.

Honestly, I almost don’t know how to sleep without the fight to avoid freezing to death. But, an overnight low of 42º feels like a summer day—compared to, oh, 25 below zero! So, after a brief rest, it’s back to the highways and byways—and the giant trench called they call “Grand Canyon.”

Happy trails my friends!

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