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The Gift Of Democracy

giantmeteorYou’ve been reminded over and over again that your vote counts. Democracy is unique in that we actually do make a difference when we go to the polls. I know it’s been a biting and negative campaign season but, it is your turn to have your say now.

This year is one of the most important General Elections I’ve seen in my 60+ years as the two candidates are universally hated by the opposition! So, show them who’s really the boss—and cast your vote. Your country depends on you to choose wisely!


keyboardOhh, I forgot to make room for something I am definitely taking with me! I guess my keyboard will have to live in the front passenger seat or sit on top of the bed, although I don’t want it to fly around the compartment during a quick stop or—heaven forbid—an accident.

Everyone has some music in them and I am no different. I took piano lessons from the age of three to the age of fifteen, twice a week—and I practiced three hours a day every day! I dare say, I’m not at all bad, even when it comes to playing some pretty sophisticated classical pieces from the masters. I’ll also be bringing along some music to study!

You may have heard the term “practice makes perfect.” But, nothing could be further from the truth. The more accurate meme should be: “perfect practice makes perfect!” ‘Nuff said!

Drive safe and take care. 

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