Mendocino Nat’l Forest: Solitude

Center map

This is not a National Park!

But, it is a National Forest with some campgrounds. The roads aren’t in as great a condition as Yosemite but, they’re drive-able. The receptionist at the Ranger’s office told me, “If you run out of pavement, you’ve gone too far!”

Alone in the wilderness.

It was fairly warm overnight (45°) although the mountain I can see from my campsite got a few inches of snow. I am at a seven spot campsite called Dixie Glade and I’m the only one here!

It’s quiet! Very quiet—and dark! Very dark. No running water or even trash pickup (gotta take everything with you; my motto anyways). And the facilities, well, there’s a commode that covers a big hole in the ground. It’s been a while since anyone else was here (no smell!).

I met a Forest Ranger last night as he came to “check” on me. There are no envelopes in the dispenser for payment so, he told me not to worry about it (it’s not my responsibility!).

So, it looks like, until there are envelopes available to pay, I’m staying for free! I invited him for coffee in the morning. “If I’m in this area, I’ll stop by; I have a million acres to patrol.” I think it’ll be a while before I see him again!

There’s a 3G tower out there, somewhere!

3goutthereThere is no cell phone or data service except on the other side of the mountain from where I post this. I drive for about a mile then park on a “turnabout” overlooking a large valley.

No bears!

Well, not many anyway. There doesn’t seem to be much of a concern for bears in this neck of the woods (I got to say “neck of the woods” and really mean it!).

I have seen a family of deer but wasn’t fast enough on the camera to snap a photo for you. I’ll bet I will have another chance to though!

It’s cheap to stay at a National Park. With my Lifetime Senior Pass, there is no admission, camping is half price and that price, for me, is $2.50 a night—unless, of course, there are no envelopes!

Plenty of time for reflection.

I’ll be exploring a little on foot these woods and taking in some nature walks nearby while playing my keyboard for the local wildlife and trees. Lots of trees! Until we meet again (tomorrow morning), I say with love…

Happy trails my friends!

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