Mendocino Nat’l Forest: Another warm night!

Center map

Warm is relative.

Yes, I seem to compare everything to the 19º I experienced in Yosemite that one night (everything seems warmer now!). It was a toasty 36º last night.

Again, not fast enough with the camera—and I don’t want to plunge into the valley far below—I came across a gaggle (if 7 constitutes a gaggle) of geese attempting to get off the “road narrows” mountain road on the way to my cellular signal valley perch. I thought, for sure, they would have flown south for the winter by now!

Confidence is high.

I have confirmed I was visited by a bear the night before. When I washed my single sauce pan with glass top (Walmart, $6) of curry rice, I had left just a little bit on the ground—in the campsite next to mine!

That had been licked clean.

However, after a little search, I found that same curry rice puked up on a tree stump! Oh, it smells good but, apparently doesn’t agree with a bear’s innards (could that be the reason I heard those growls!?). I thought that maybe a poor dining experience would dissuade any further visits by my large, furry forest friend. But, no!

Last night I heard some moving around, some heavy breathing and many satisfying groans—not snarls, mind you—so, I think I may have overheard some love-making quite close by to the Sienna while I huddled inside! Nevertheless, the next time I find a dollar store, I’m buying a little b-air horn, just in case.

Oh the thrill of nature!

Two more nights here and I’m moving on to find another adventure in the wilds of northern California. I haven’t planned yet my next destination but, I know it will be further north—towards Oregon, if not Oregon itself.

Remember: no schedule!

Radio waves

I have found another NOAA weather radio broadcast station. I’ve been listening to channel 1 on the weather band but, with the Sienna parked in a specific spot—just a few feet away—I get a new station on channel 7! It has more details about the Mendocino forest, specifically, and I don’t have to listen to a wide range of other weather data before it gets to where I am.

The sun shines brightly on my valley perch every morning. So much so, that I managed to dry my wet gloves on the hood of the Sienna yesterday. Later today—with the sky being clear and no doubt I will have some sun at the campgrounds—I plan on making a video tour of the Minivan Explorer and posting it to my new channel on YouTube (it will also be displayed here).

I was a television producer, after all.

It seems a prerequisite to post a video tour whenever I view other YouTube channels of “van dwellers” so, I figure I should do the same. You’ll be able to see—in high definition—how easy I have it, living Japanese hotel style, in my Japanese Toyota minivan!

The video upload will have to happen after I leave this rural area and find a speedy WiFi connection somewhere.

And still, there are no payment envelopes!

Happy trails my friends!

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