Mendocino Nat’l Forest: A brisk wind.

Center map

Alone again, naturally.

My cerebral stimulation has packed up and headed back to San Francisco. I miss them already (see last post) as I was the only one at Lett’s Lake on Sunday. Ugh, these poor people that still have jobs!

The temperature wasn’t too bad overnight (34º) but, that wind was howling! Most of the night, it was strong enough to actually shake the Sienna.

I found a crack near the slider door and filled it with some spongy foam I had stowed from the bed frame packaging. Yeah!

It didn’t take very long for the weather to change and the winds to really start blowing. Snow is expected here for the next few days at altitudes lower than here.

The photo shows you how the surface of the lake was being whipped by the wind during the late afternoon when, just Saturday, the weather was calm and the water glass-like.

I get a good transmission from a classical music station and have been listening as well to another NPR station for tips on cooking eggs–which I don’t have!

Strange humor.

I could not resist taking a photo of freezing cold outhouse number 2162 at Lett’s Lake that answers any and all questions about the phrase, “built like a brick shit house.”

Sorry, my mind wanders to silly things occasionally. And don’t be fooled by that chimney on top; it’s not heated in those stalls at all!

Where to next?

It’s Monday morning and I’ve looked at the map and some online pictures of Mount Shasta, a couple hours north of the Mendocino Forest. Shasta looks like Japan’s Mount Fuji to me!

I minored in geology at clown college and I’m fascinated by anything tectonic (magma, volcanoes, dome mountains, earthquakes) so, Shasta is a big draw to me.

I have located a Walmart Supercenter between here and there where I can restock my on-board inventory–and there’s an InN’Out nearby! So, it’s burgers and camping food in virtually a single stop! Yum.

I am getting close to Oregon. I’ll need a better network connection to research the next leg of my trip after Shasta.

Forest preserved.

I keep seeing National Forests where I have never noticed them before (surely, they’re not new!).

National Parks are great but, National Forests are just as beautiful–and the price difference of staying in them overnight is wide: $13 versus $2.50 per night, respectively (that’s with the discount card I’ve mentioned before).

I think I’ve made a significant discovery here, at least, for me.
Although I don’t mind rest areas and truck stops, I really like the whole “forest thing.”

I’ve always liked the woods– that’s what we called them when I was a kid. And today, it’s no different. It’s hard to put a value on beautiful scenery; thank goodness someone has seen the importance of keeping the gorgeous places in the western United States well, gorgeous!

Old man winter.

I continue to listen to weather radio intently with my constant companion, the mechanical voice of the National Weather Service.

We’re in December now and that means that there is no question some cold (or colder) weather is on the horizon!

I’ll be keeping a close eye on forecasts for snow, specifically because I am in a front wheel drive minivan, albeit with new tires but, no chains or snow tires. It’s right about now that I think about my former steed, a 4 wheel drive Jeep! RIP my old Cherokee friend.

Thank you, readers!

Hey, thanks again for reading my little blog! The hosting service that measures page views tells me there are 46,700+ since I started this website, back in October. Your readership is very much appreciated!


Happy trails my friends!

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