Medford, OR: Stopover

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Movie and a burger

“Oregon welcomes you” reads the sign on the state line. Why, thank you, Oregon!

It’s nice to be here.

When leaving California, Interstate 5 takes you over a mountain range—with several brake failure turn offs (it’s pretty steep!) along with roadside lanes to install snow chains on your tires (it’s Oregon law to have chains in or on your car when it snows!).

So far, however, all I’ve seen is some rain.

Gee, it’s a good thing I had already decided to get some chains before I arrived here, yes? Look for that expense to be added to the sidebar tomorrow!

No spoilers!

I promised I wouldn’t give you any spoilers about the new Star Wars movie—and I’m not going to. I will, however, tell you that this is one of the best adventures of the Star Wars universe!

There’s more story than previous films but, there’s still plenty of visual EFX—and I loved the characters! Appropriately, I saw “Star Wars: Rogue One” at a Rogue Valley (Oregon) movie theater!

Don’t miss it on the big screen!


Yes, I did stop for that Double-Double (grilled onion, extra spread) and yes, it was delicious! The restaurant was right on highway 62 in Medford, the road to Crater Lake—my next destination.

Cheap gas!

Gas was $2.25 a gallon—and a gentleman, who is retiring next year, pumped it for me, at that price (unnecessary but, very nice)! And, with a full tank, I headed east.

Harry & David?

I called the corporate headquarters, waited for eighteen minutes on hold, wound up with an irritating blast of fax machine and was disconnected! So, I blew them off!

It’s a good thing I wasn’t a customer calling to solve a problem with my Christmas order; I would have had to be on ignore for over half an hour, total, assuming they didn’t screw up the second time (the number was the same one used for delivery issues).

I used to send Harry & David holiday goodies to clients when I owned a television production company in Los Angeles. I’m glad I never had to call them!

The Walmart hotel.

Just down the highway from Medford, in Eagle Point, there’s a Walmart that allows trucks and RVs to park overnight in the outskirts of their lot.

That’s where I am now.

I had to pull out my suction-cup window screens for the parking lot lights (I am now accustomed to pitch black!) and I had to deal with the sounds of noisy cars and trucks—and obnoxious motorcycles—but, all in all, sleeping in the Walmart hotel wasn’t bad.

Do they really think it’s cool?

It doesn’t impress me when you have a “hog” that exceeds reasonable noise levels for a motorized vehicle! I’m more moved by living, wild hogs that are snorting just outside my minivan doors!

There’s an app for that!

I have several smartphone apps to help me find rest areas, truck stops, National Parks and Forests—and the cheapest gas near me, by GPS reckoning.

You, too, could probably benefit from having these Apps, even if you’re not exploring the country like me. I’ll be writing a post soon to share them with you.

My Master Mechanic

I called my good friend and Master Mechanic, Antonio, yesterday to wish him and Marcelo—Chief Mechanic at sbjautorepair—a Merry Christmas.

Every time I have talked with him in the past, while he was at work, his greeting was always “what happened?” So, before he could say it this time, I started our conversation telling him that I had called to let him know nothing happened!

Sharing a good laugh is a good thing for some holiday cheer!

Oh, one more thing…

On the last day in Klamath National Forest, I did manage to start a fire! Because of my epic fail at building a campfire in Mendocino, I just wanted to share this proud news with you before the moment was gone!


Thank you so much for reading my blog! hit 100,000 human page views yesterday!

Happy trails my friend!

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