Madera, CA: Yosemite Tomorrow!

Center map

I like truck stops.

I’ve discovered at least one truck stop that always seems to have the cheapest gas—and I’ve signed up for free coffee and a few pennies off the price of their already cheap gas!

Truck stops have just about everything a traveler needs on-the-go, from aspirin to zip ties—and a whole lot more. The Pilots have all of that—and pretty good coffee too!

Tonight, I am crashing in the Pilot/Flying J parking lot (I was at another Pilot “Travel Center,” as my GPS calls it, last night) and heading to Yosemite first thing in the morning.

$10 Lifetime Senior Pass

My brother suggested that I get myself a Lifetime Senior Pass from the National Park Service. It’s ten dollars and works at over 2,000 national parks.

The pass waives the entrance fee and gives a discount on such other costs like campgrounds, boat launches, guided tours and rock climbing permits, among others (no, I’m not going to do any rock climbing this time!).

Many stops along the way.

I’ve been making a habit of stopping at every rest area I pass by. A little reorganization and cleaning doesn’t hurt when you’re living in your car! Today, I tracked down my electric razor and scraped the excessive growth from my face. There wasn’t any hot water in the sink but, it would have been much worse if I wasn’t all electric in the shaving department.

A little rain must fall…

closetoyosemiteWith two stops today, I was delayed enough to make my arrival at Yosemite a little too late in the afternoon. So, I decided to call it a day, nuke some soup (Sam’s gourmet chicken noodle)—using the Pilot microwave by the Cinnabon counter—update the blog and take it easy until bedtime.

And then it snows!

I drove for four hours or so today, two of them in a pouring rain. I am pleased to report no leaks inside the Sienna and that she handles just fine on wet pavement.

The National Weather Service channel on my CB radio warns of 6-10 inches of snow just northeast of where I am now (see all of that blue on the map!?) and note all of the rain I’ve been driving through (Madera is in the lower left corner near Fresno).

Drive safe and take care!

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