Los Angeles: My Old Haunts

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Sad Discovery

I have made it to Los Angeles and couldn’t resist taking a little tour of my old hangout places. Ohhh, I remember the traffic now—no wonder I left in the mid ’90s!

But, the really sad part is me thinking that my favorite Thai restaurant of all time, Chiang San, on Colfax at Magnolia would still be open after all of these years. The proprietor was an old woman—older than me—so, I guess that was to be expected.

theemmyNorth Hollywood is still a magnet for the very strange and that’s evident as I sit outside a coffee shop across the street from the Television Academy—the “Emmys” people—surrounded by out of work and wannabe actors drinking …coffee (full disclosure: I never won an Emmy)! It’s the nature of this neighborhood.

And even though most of my friends here are either dead or have moved away, I still drove past their houses just to see them again. Call me nostalgic at this moment. I did stop and knocked on one door but, no one was home. I wasn’t expected anyway.

The Reagan Library

Since the Ronald Reagan library is just up the 101, a short detour on the 23, I think I should take that in. I’ve never seen it before—despite living and producing television in Los Angeles for years—and no doubt, there will be some interesting things to see there—not the least of which is a former Air Force One, pre 747’s (SAM27000).

The library is between me and Yosemite, where I’ll be headed after checking out the Gipper’s place. It’s an unlikely combination since there are reports that Reagan “torpedoed the dream of a restored Yosemite” while he was President.

Truck stop sleeping

Gotta sleep somewhere but, since I am brand new at this, I’m going to play it safe tonight and do a truck stop overnight just north of Simi Valley on I-5. An app I have also says they have the cheapest gas around for miles ($2.67/gal).

There’s a Denny’s nearby for some breakfast (my brother presented me with a Denny’s gift card before I left SD) and this Pilot has trucker’s showers if I’m feeling like I need one. I’ve been using baby wipes to be clean but, they are cold—especially in the morning!

Speaking of which, the temperature dropped to 38º last night and I was toasty warm in my bed!

Milestone One

Tomorrow marks one week that I’ve been “living” in the Sienna. I’m hardly roughing it. And I’m lovin’ it!

Drive safe and take care!

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