Lake Havasu, AZ: Still Craggy

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The Desert Sings!

I know, it sounds crazy but, the wind in the desert makes music! As the wind blows, it vibrates the dried out stems of plants and creates an eerie, tonal song that changes pitch with the speed of the breeze.

It’s all around me at my BLM campsite in Craggy Wash, just north of Havasu City.

Imagine what the ancients used to think when these sounds were generated by the land! This was before any scientific knowledge of sound was penned—and even before stringed instruments, where they surely would have put two and two together to explain the phenomenon. For me, though, it’s great entertainment!

It’s hot.

Yes, it’s called a desert for a reason, Mr. Explorer! I keep out of the sun, mostly (although I am getting a pretty good tan). It’s sure to please my doctor who, at one time, asked me, “why are you so white?” Of course, I got the lecture about Vitamin D and why we need the sun.

Up to that time, I had a pretty good “studio tan.”

My little new sunshade umbrella is doing a bang up job and I always wear a hat to protect the bald spot—and the rest of my scalp—on my monkish head. I’m afraid I can’t really sit in the desert with my engine running and the A/C working; the Sienna is just not up to it without moving forward at a decent speed.

And my new battery-powered fan “is the best ten dollars I’ve ever spent!” Lately, though, I haven’t been using it in the evenings, as the temperature drops into the low 60’s the moment the sun goes down (even lower overnight). I’ll say this, however: I don’t need all of the blankets I’m carrying! Or the Mr. Heater I bought for Christmas in Oregon, when the thermometer dropped into the single digits—and below.

Dust to dust.

Wow, the desert is also pretty dusty! I’ve got a nice coating of dust on just about everything—including me. That’s okay, I invested in beaucoup packages of flushable wipes that I’ve been using to make sure I’m clean.

An extra benefit? They are saturated with some kind of liquid that is cooool. Pretty handy, if you ask me!

In N’ Out

I do have a stockpile of food—and water—with me but, there is an In N’ Out burger nearby and I’ve managed to visit my favorite hamburger place just about every other day. No apologies from me; since I’ve lost almost sixty pounds since I started my expedition, I figure I have some wiggle room to eat a few more big, fat, greasy burgers!

And every time I visit them, I get a chance to see the London Bridge again. I don’t know why that is exciting for me; it’s not Tower Bridge and it’s basically a plain stone bridge but, still, the history of the structure gives me some satisfaction to give it a look-see any time that I can.

More power!

Even I am astonished at the amount of juice just charging up my smartphone absorbs from the battery jumper I’ve been using as a general power supply. So, when I found a 12,000 MVH rechargeable battery at Walmart for a mere fifteen dollars, I snatched it quick! Now, I never seem to run out of phone power—and that’s gooood!

You’re going to what?

I know, I know, call me nuts but, I am waiting to hear about getting a job (a job?) in Phoenix doing the news again! I do miss my life-long vocation—and I might take a break from living in a minivan and seeing the western United States, if they decide to hire the old newsman.

Not that I’m not totally enjoying myself but, there’s something about chasing stories, meeting deadlines (the clock never stops!), and being competitive with other news outlets that’s difficult to purge from the system.

Once you’ve been bitten…

Oh, they’ll probably hire some young beginner to save some bucks—I don’t come cheap because I think experience has value. So, I’ll probably just be continuing my retirement and blogging the night away from the road. I just wanted to mention the possibility, in case it actually happens. After all, I still have that book to write, too (and progress on that is slow)!

Crater Lake, Oregon?

I just checked the weather at Crater Lake and it’s looking a little more palatable. Once I hear back from Phoenix, where I’m expecting to not get the job, I’ll probably head to a BLM campsite there and wait for the next eruption of the caldera—a painful yet quick death!

Thanks so much for reading my little hobby! I appreciate each and every reader so, please, pass the word along to your friends and neighbors about what I’m doing and that I’m rambling on about my travels here, on

Happy trails my friends!

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