Lake Havasu, AZ: London Bridge

Center map

London Bridge is not falling down!

Transported piece by piece from England and reassembled here a few years ago, the bridge connects the city to a small island with upper crust homes and country clubs.

Yes, the old childhood song is wrong. The people of Lake Havasu are driving over it with no restrictions on weight! I saw cars, semi’s, large RVs and plenty of people going over it—all at same time.

This photo is taken from the parking lot behind InN’Out. All right!! I am magnetically attracted to my favorite burger joint. And so, another delicious Double Double hit the spot for dinner.

Wicked hot.

It was searing hot in western Arizona yesterday (I had thought for a while that I had lost my A/C but no). I found an area north of Havasu City (just past the airport) owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that allows free camping nestled between some pretty interesting rock formations.

It’s a dry heat.

It’s all dirt roads but they are as dry as a bone so the Sienna is pretty dirty right now! I’m not going to fall for using a lazy man’s automatic car wash again, though. I think two CB antennas are quite enough, thank you.

Rut ro!

I was hearing a horrendous sound coming from the back when I was on the highway heading to “Craggy Wash” and when I hit the dirt about a mile later, the tailpipe fell off the muffler!

Pieces parts falling off the vehicle? I told you she’s an old lady!

A Google concensus says that, as long as the catalytic converter and muffler are still attached, you don’t really need a tailpipe (I’ll have to watch out for exhaust in the cabin when she’s running but not moving).

Of course, I checked with my expert mechanic, Antonio, and he tells me I don’t need a tailpipe! No expense there.

The desert has me.

Except for the daytime heat, I have a new appreciation for the desert! I adore the rocks and the quiet (not so much the bugs, mostly flies). The nights are nice and “just a sheet” cool, and the air is crisp. I haven’t had any allergies affecting me since I arrived in the Death Valley region.

No wonder so many old people move to the Southwest!

Of course, I reserve the right to change my opinion if I have a heat stroke, get bitten by a snake or stung by a creepy crawly (I am well aware of these dangers and act accordingly to prevent them—a watchful eye and plenty of water).

And to think I was so concerned about freezing to death and being eaten by a bear just a few weeks ago!

Don’t know about the people of Arizona though. While I was doing the speed limit, a pickup truck was tailgating me closely for miles before it passed me with both the driver and passenger giving me the finger from their open windows! Hey, I don’t make the speed limits around here!

They’ll be old someday.

And some young punks will do that—or worse—to them! That is the way the universe works, in my opinion. It bothered me for a couple of hours but, I forgot all about it when the tailpipe started dragging on the pavement long after these disrespectful asses sped past!

I may stay here for a few days if the heat during the day doesn’t get to me (BLM “officially” allows you to camp for two weeks!). Today’s high will be 93°, a bit “cooler” than yesterday.

What I need.

There’s 4G cell service here and a McDonald’s just down the road for a WiFi connection to read lots of news, check the maps for my next adventure and do website stuff.

Plus, I really like their cheap and very healthy egg burritos! Believe it or not, McDonald’s hot salsa isn’t bad. Even so, I carry a wood-capped bottle of Cholula with me (Cholula, in Mexico, is home to the largest pyramid in the world)!

It’s also a great way to snag a big cup of ice that will last the whole day if kept out of the sun.

Happy trails my friends!

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