Lake Havasu AZ: Craggy Wildlife

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The hummingbird, the fly and the BAT.

This isn’t a bear in the woods story. No, it’s actually two different stories, one cute, the other not so much.

I’ve been visited by a hummingbird every day that I have been here! He, or she (who can tell when they’re so small!) arrives at my chair while I drink my morning coffee, hovering at about my eye level approximately three feet away—until I speak to it!

That’s too much to handle, apparently.

So alarmed by the sound of my voice, off it speeds, sounding more like a buzz saw than a two inch bird, to sample the surrounding nectar from dozens of little flowers.

Love at first buzz.

I have come to love this little intruder because it presents a danger (from its noisy approach) but, it turns out to be a friendly, endearing and harmless encounter with one of God’s creatures!

It’s iridescent in color and has that swordfish snout that COULD be used to run my eyeball through but, really, I’m in its territory—and our daily rendezvous is always a thrill.

I now expect—and look forward to—hearing and visiting with my little hummingbird, if only for the dozen seconds or so that we meet, my daily soiree with a bird in the wild. That’s a big change from my initial, out loud “Whoa!” reaction!

The fly.

Every afternoon, especially after the sun raises the temperature to, well, hot, a rather large fly likes to fly in an oval pattern in front of my sliding side door. It has no concern with me moving around or even opening and closing doors. Zooming over and over and around again, I was thinking this little buzzer must be either patrolling its territory or performing an aerial dance for the ladies!

Turns out, it was the latter.

He had a taker day before yesterday and the two disappeared from my view for about ten minutes—before he returned to his routine, as always, of circular reconnaissance—alone.

The bat.

I’ve been seeing these little bats at dusk, all over the place! They haphazardly dart around appearing to be mad (the insane mad) or out of control!

But, that’s not what’s happening.

What they are doing is, searching for—and finding—flying insects to eat for dinner, snatching them out of the air in great numbers! Their regular fare must be pretty small, because I can’t see them or hear them.

Now, I must admit, there are few mosquitoes and no-see-ums here in the desert (I’ve only found a single mosquito–and I killed it!).

But, last night, the bats showed up a little before the sun was entirely set. And “same bat-time” wasn’t expected by my diligent, territorial protecting, multi-eyed little buddy, the fly.

You guessed it!

The fly’s buzzing ceased with a silent strafing run by one of the bats! Quite a large meal for a bat of his size, our flying creature crusader took off—not to be seen again for the evening.

And I sat there for a few minutes, in silence, aghast that my consistent buzzing companion was no more! Yes, I had witnessed the demise of the performing fly—an exceptional pilot—that had kept me both irritated and entertained for several days!

I can only feel glad that he had a little fling the day before he met his maker! And she’ll never know what happened to him!

It’s a bat-eat-fly world out there, kids. Although it may seem cruel, it’s not unusual—and that’s the way it’s always been!

And so, life in the desert continues its struggles. The fly is toast but, the bat is buttered! I now look forward to hearing my beautiful little hummingbird’s wings paddle the air, once again, right in front of my face.

Happy trails my friends!

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