Lake Havasu, AZ: Craggy Wash

Center map

Beating the heat!

Although someone stole my campsite while I was uploading my last blog entry yesterday, there are plenty more of them—and I found a great spot that’s a little more remote. I did decide, after all, to stay a few more nights.

A stop at the Walmart, right next to the McDonald’s I told you about, and I picked up some things to deal with the heat. First, a sunshade umbrella ($5) that attaches to my chair (it works great!).

What a find!

And here’s a real find: in the Clearance aisles, I found a rechargeable, battery powered 4″ fan ($10) that should, at least, keep the air moving throughout the evening inside the Sienna.

I know! Fantastic eh?

It says it will work for six hours on a full charge and it spun away for hours (I just need it to work until I’m unconscious!). I have added it to the devices that automatically recharge whenever the engine is running (along with the battery jumper, a Bluetooth speaker, my laptop and my phone).

I also snagged a couple one dollar boxes of all-natural fly and mosquito repellent-laced individual wet wipes (8 wipes each), of which I will hang two of them on cracked open windows. I am hoping they will create a barrier against any brave flying bugs thinking about coming in while I’m sleeping.

I’ll let you know if this works!

Um, do bugs think? Surely, my brain is more advanced than theirs, if true. And I have the advantage of not only forethought but, chemicals with which to wage war, too!

Who needs a microwave?

I’ve got a metal roof baking in the sun to heat a frozen sammich to scalding in less than an hour! That includes melted cheese and everything.

So, the metal box in the desert does have some advantages!

The stars at night…

You don’t have to be in Texas to have an amazing view of the universe above! I did some stargazing last night and found some stars I’ve never seen before with the naked eye! It’s nice to get away from the city’s light pollution and take in the stars on a crystal clear night.

It’s dark out here!

And just so I don’t stumble around without a reference point in the darkness, I got one of those solar, battery powered walkway lights to stick in the ground near the sliding side door ($2).

It charged all afternoon in the bright sunshine and lasted, I think, all night long (at least every time I checked on it).


Not as untenable a desert as I feared! Who needs air conditioning??

Happy trails my friend!

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