Lake Havasu, AZ: Craggy Neighbors

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I’m still here!

‘Been taking my time. But, read on; it’s a good thing!

Yes, the draw of the desert has been a strong one for me. It’s dry and quiet, for the most part, and I’m surrounded by some great rock formations!

It’s a BLM campground just north of Lake Havasu City—with a McDonald’s WiFi and a Walmart just a mile away (everything I need!). At my campsite, I also get a bangin’ LTE cellular signal.

Not driving around has saved a ton of gas—and money—and I’ve met some great people here (unlike the experience I had in Klamath)!

The girl next door.

A woman with a full-size camper has been parked across the dirt road from me since I arrived. After waving at me every morning, she walked over and introduced herself to me the other day, feeling guilty about her three dogs barking up a storm whenever they spotted me. I told her, “It’s their job!” And I really don’t mind them, although I prefer big dogs; each of hers is about the size of a squirrel—really, I mean teeny tiny—some kind of toy Chihuahuas.

I call them “yappers.”

Her story: she had a business building speedboats, Diamond Performance Boats in Havasu City, but tells me she was the victim of a thief who made off with all of her tools a while back. Apparently, the police got the guy and she got most of her stuff back! Her business now destroyed, she bought the motor home and now kicks back in the desert. I can tell she is entertaining the idea of getting it going once again.

After meeting me, she now brings me a local humor newspaper published by a friend.

The Roots!

Not the band. The couple from Calgary, Canada. They spend summers at home and in the winter, “owt” south in Arizona with—what is to me—a huge motor home that has all the comforts of a house. It’s one of those “the sides extend outward” things, pulled by a rather imposing Dodge pickup truck.

Very nice. And roomy!

True to most of my contacts with Canadians, in general, Roy and Linda were the nicest folks. And on their first day at Craggy Wash, Roy came over to the Sienna to invite me over to their “House With Wheels” (their motto).

I accepted their hospitality gratefully, as they not only had some A/C but, a full media array (with a satellite dish!), some red wine and Finn, the dog.

He’s quirky, like me!

After forty years of working for the City of Calgary, in Canada where it’s cold eh, the Roots took to the road as snowbirds—and have been living happily in a motor home for almost ten years! They’ve amassed a great number of friends in their travels. And Roy has an interesting little hobby more akin to that of a twenty-something: making funny videos!

As an old television producer myself, I couldn’t have been happier to watch a slew of well-produced videos that made me laugh-out-loud! Oh, it could have been Aunt Bessie’s slide show but, it was an excellent evening!

Just lucky, I guess.

And, action!

With plenty of willing—and mostly inebriated—road friends, he’s organized them into a cast of thousands to help make some pretty silly vids, set to esoteric music tracks and totally entertaining.

From a collection of people wearing cowboy hats to story tellers relating outlandish tales to a bevvy of air-guitar players using brooms, Roy’s foray into the freakish and funny has production value!

He has become a damn good video editor along the way, too! Here’s his YouTube channel.

The battery.

Oh yes, old cars, old batteries. When I found my battery wouldn’t start my car one morning, I set out to find if I had left anything “on” all night that would account for a debilitating voltage drain.

And nothing!

You know that I am carrying a battery jumper with me, charged every time I run my engine so, it wasn’t a problem I couldn’t overcome. I went to an auto parts store that has a big “Free Battery Testing” sign and voila! The battery had cells that had gone bad (8.2 volts!). Uh, that’s a NFG condition!

Sorry to say, their batteries were way too overpriced so—you know it—I headed to Walmart to score a new, 750 CCA, 5-year warranty replacement battery ($101).


The Sienna has never started so well since I bought it! Indeed, I think the problem, in hindsight, has been with me all of the time. I’ve been watching it die now, for several months!

This unexpected expense drained my bank account at just the wrong time. Good thing I’ve been staying put or I might not have been able to remedy the problem for some time. I’ve imagined jumping the Sienna and plugging in the jumper to recharge it, just to repeat the process over and over again.

Not the last!

Yes, ever so slowly, it seems I am replacing all of the parts one-by-one. I am thinking that last tire may be next (left front), followed by a starter motor or a water pump or an alternator. I can only hope it’s not something more serious (engine, transmission). I can also hope that I’m going to be just fine on that front for a little while (it’s not a question of “if” at this point, methinks!).

And since “front tire” mean steering, I’ve been keeping both hands on the wheel whenever I drive, as a precautionary measure.

Crater Lake.

Again, I am casting my sights on Crater Lake! The last time I checked the weather at the deepest lake in the USA, it was 30º in the daytime and 24º at night. There was snow predicted for last night but, only an inch or two! Tempting but, not quite yet!

Happy trails my friends!

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