Klamath Nat’l Forest: Pigs!

Center map

Wild pigs!

Something walked into my Sienna last night, with a thud, around 8PM. Not inside, mind you, but into it!

It wasn’t very happy about it, either!

The snorting sounds that pigs make continued for about 20 minutes as I could hear the garbage sack hanging from the rear wiper being tossed around (it’s a very thick plastic and didn’t tear during this assault).

Online reports say that Happy Camp, about 45 miles away and deeper into the forest, is a “hot spot” for wild pig hunting. Maybe this one was a little lost! No damage was done—except to, maybe, its self esteem—and I probably should have brought the bag inside but, since there were no bears in the area…. My bad.


There’s a lot of logging going on here. Oh, I can’t hear them cutting trees but, every hour or so, a semi truck loaded with large logs drives by on the highway. I’ve become accustomed to the sound of them heading in my direction.

Being so heavy, they are noisier than other semi trucks and you can hear them coming from, I would say, about a mile away. In the early morning and late afternoon, they come in two’s—in tandem.


That’s what the weather girl said would be happening, starting this afternoon. Not much is expected—but, the predicted one inch will be moderated by a call for the snow to be punctuated by rain, off and on.

I celebrated the forecast late yesterday afternoon by making some hot chocolate (real milk and Nestlé Quik) and boy, was that good as I day dreamed about the snow flakes drifting down from the heavens!

The Sienna handled the last light snow with ease on both the dirt roads and the mountain highways but, I still think the plan to get some tire chains in Oregon is a good one.

It’s been pretty warm here the past few nights, with temps in the high 30’s, until the 26º of last night—yes, I know everything is relative and cold is certainly no exception to the rule!

It’s not “San Diego cold!”

But, in San Diego, not once did I have two deer walk up to me and stand eight to ten feet away, watching me shave for about five minutes! Yeah, that’s a new one for me!

“You don’t need to see him shave.”

I think it could have turned out differently had I not tried to mimic Ben Kenobi. I turned toward them and said, “well, hello there!”

Nope, that was too much for them! And they left (just vocalizing was probably a mistake). So much for me using the force to make friends with my local furry forest critters.

Speaking of the force…

I’m excited about the next Star Wars movie coming out on the 16th. For that event, I’m hanging up my Grizzly Adams hat and finding a nearby theater to check out what happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!

I may even get some popcorn, even though I don’t usually buy popcorn that costs a dime a kernel! That’s how much I am looking forward to the movie!


Yes but, those leftovers were the steak I cooked up for the contested Sunday dinner of the day before. Again, it was a delicious meal—in the middle of nowhere.

Not bad for camper cuisine!

In the news…

There was a murder in little Yreka yesterday, according to the local radio station. The suspect is a young woman (23) named Tabitha Lee—with a tattoo of a boom box on her neck!

“I want a boom box tattoo right here!” she was once heard to say.

She allegedly killed her 43-year-old, now ex-boyfriend who apparently had done her wrong. I haven’t seen her in these woods so, she’s probably holed up somewhere in town—or has her own camper and has escaped—for now.

Am I living the country life or what!?

May the forest be with you.

Happy trails my friends!

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