Klamath Nat’l Forest: More rain

Center map

A lot of it.

The announcer on the local radio station was complaining this morning about the rain—and because he’s mad about getting his shoes wet when he stepped into a deep puddle.

Poor baby.

I’ve got boots!

There were over two inches of rain overnight. And there were deeper puddles—and more of them, too—in the forest (I didn’t step in any of them).

Again the weather service is saying we’re going to get some snow tonight! I hope we do—there’s only so much hot chocolate and day dreaming I can do!

She’s still on the lam!

Murderess suspect Tabitha Lee hasn’t been caught yet. I’ll bet she’s the talk of the town in little Yreka. Of course, I don’t know how regularly people here are murdered by their girlfriends.

Hell, I don’t even know if boom box neck tattoos are unusual in this neck of the woods (I got to use that term again—this time with a single entendre!). I thought they would be—but, I could be very wrong!


I have a tiny, battery powered digital clock that, even though it’s not set, the alarm goes off every morning—after I’m awake!

The really strange part of it all?

The alarm goes off at a different time every day! I have no idea how or why that would happen. But, it is a bit odd for a digital device!


Oh Toyota, you are my trusty steed! The Sienna always starts on chilly forest mornings and drives like a dream—even on mountainous, winding roads.

I have always wondered why it’s the first choice of ISIS and rebel fighters in the far reaches of war-torn areas in the middle east.

It’s because you can’t kill a Toyota!


I’ve been thinking about my porkine visitor the other night. It hasn’t returned. Maybe the ignominy of not being able to bust into a simple plastic container was so embarrassing, it walked all the way back to Happy Camp!

You know what’s missing in this area? Wabbits! Haven’t seen hide nor hare of them since I arrived (sorry about that spelling)!

More fish!

The last time I went shopping, I picked up another package of fajita steak and two more packages of fake crab (it’s cheap and delicious)! I think that means more Thai-style yellow curry and rice for dinner tonight!

If I had a little more disposable cash—if there is such a thing (my Social Security check won’t arrive for another week!), I would have a real sit-down dinner at Natalie Thai in Yreka, voted “Best Thai restaurant in Siskiyou county,” according to the radio commercials!

I have a sneaky suspicion that Natalie is the ONLY Thai restaurant in the county but hey, even if that’s the case, their claim is perfectly true!

I can smell In-N’-Out from here!

I haven’t forgotten about the Double-Double waiting for me in Medford. Oh no! It’s the little things that mean the most, you know….

Happy trails my friend!

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