Klamath Nat’l Forest: Critters!

Center map

It’s time to move on.

This was my last night at Klamath National Forest. I stayed longer than I expected to and I need to arrive in Medford, Oregon later today. I have a package waiting for me there, kindness of my brother in San Diego.

Thanks, bro!

Non-cowboy cooking.

Medford is about an hour away and there’s an In-N-Out there—along with a movie theater—so, I’m looking forward to a great time.

Stuffing a Double-Double into my face and seeing the latest Star Wars flick is definitely on my agenda (I would have seen it in Yreka—if only they had a movie theater there!).

Oregon gas prices.

I’m also looking forward to a more reasonable price for gas; they’re too high in northern California and I’m pretty excited about seeing per-gallon prices closer to two dollars instead of three—or more!

Butter cookies!

And as I’ve mentioned before, the Harry & David bakery is also in Medford. It sounds like, to me, a good idea to stop by and see just what kind of samples they have for visitors and, for that matter, what specials on holiday goodies they have in excess inventory!

I’ll be staying in Medford for a couple nights before I turn to the east and head the sixty miles to Crater Lake. But, on the way there, I’ll be thinking of the Force and thanking the cheeseburger gods for another chance to chow down at my favorite burger stand.

Bad gas!

No, not me! I had another episode of a giant orange flame blasting out of my little Coleman stove last night.

I switched to a new can of fuel and I’m back to the comforting—and controlled—pure blue flame of my cooker. It sure did boil water quickly when it was misbehaving though!

Punctual pigs!

My little friend, a wild pig, was back once again, snorting up a storm, just outside the Sienna’s sliding side door. I couldn’t help but notice that he showed up at exactly the same time—7:25—as the first time my porkine pal stopped by to nose around.

A pig schedule?

Is there something I don’t know about wild pigs in the forest? Did I not get the memo? What!?

I don’t think so, because it stuck around for over an hour this time and that would have made it late for its next destination—provided there is a visitation schedule of some sort.


I’m not sure—okay, I’m pretty certain—that I have a boarder living in the Sienna with me!

I can’t imagine how it could have gotten into a vehicle so high off of the ground for its little legs, since I usually keep the doors closed—the equivalent of me jumping onto the roof of a five story building—or even where I gained my traveling companion!

What’s really odd is that the last time I was in a Walmart, I looked at some mouse traps that were on sale!

How coincidental is that?

We have the same taste!

The evidence of the little critter is hard to dismiss: I found some chewed holes in two places – a failed attempt at breaking into a bag of steak (too many layers) and a quite successful entry, about an inch in diameter, into a plastic box of cornbread!

It must be very small!

I thought that cornbread was delicious myself so, I know “Minivan Mouse” was probably pretty satisfied! And no, I have no idea what I’m going to do about it!

Everything else is stored in the plastic bins—and inside of those, pretty much, in cans—so, I’m sorry to say, starvation might be the final fate of my little forest friend!

Of course, there’s that sale going on in the Walmart hardware department. No. I couldn’t. He’s, more than likely, just trying to stay warm, poor fellow! But, won’t he be surprised when he finally gets out! Bet he’s never even heard of Oregon!

A promise to you.

There will be no spoilers here! Nope-a-nope. You’re going to have to see the new Star Wars for yourself! Until then, may the forest be with you.

Goodbye Klamath!

This was a great place to relax, listen to the river constantly rushing by – with the occasional truck hauling giant logs out of the forest. I met an anti-social human, was the focus of a very social wild pig and gained a new roommate that finds me very accommodating!

I suppose the best thing was… no bears!

And, with the exception of my animal visitations, it was wewy qwiet at night (just the sound of the river). Once again, the signal of a local NPR station provided some news and a lot of classical music. Perfect!

But, the road is calling my name and it’s time to say goodbye to Klamath. “Goodbye Klamath!”

Happy trails my friend!

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