Kanab, UT: The end of the world

Center map

When Utah ends, it ends!

Yes, Utah is a very strange state. It’s covered in snow and markedly missing any real rest stops (Utah has “partnered” with truck stops to call them “rest stops”).

Utah is full of places with no names and communities of housing with not a single store nearby—including gas stations! Why would people want to build a house in the frozen boonies with no supplies nearby?

I don’t know!

The end of the earth.

In Kanab, Utah, “The Greatest Earth On Show,” there are few businesses other than motels (I’ve never seen a town made up completely of motels but, Kanab is one of them!).

The mountains, hills, gorges and long valleys literally end in the last 15 miles heading south out of Utah. Oddly, when that terrain ends, a new terrain (Arizona) begins—like a line drawn on a map.

I’ve been poking around in Walmart parking lots and make-shift rest stops for a few days now. I got really cold when the temperatures dropped to below zero so, I decided to fly south for the winter!

Mr. Heater!

Oh Mr, Heater, I found that when it’s really cold, you don’t want to work! Once the thermometer drops below 10 or so, the mechanical aspects of Mr. Heater get pretty flaky (you have to fight with it a bit to get it to light up!).

Still, even with waking up cold and half asleep, a great sense of accomplishment lulls me back to sleep once I get the damn thing turned on!


At my last rest stop—a real one, in Utah—I took about an hour to do some rearranging of everything stored under my bed (things I could not get to because of the frozen back door are now accessible from the sliding side door!

Yaay, coffee!

Another new tire!

Two new tires in Spokane—on the back—and I wasn’t expecting I would need to replace the front ones, too! But, the front passenger tire did that same steel belt failure that left the two back tires in need of repair. This time, since I knew the tire was ruined from the inside I decided to drive on it to the closest tire store.

Once again, another hundred out the door—when I have a brand new spare that I got before I left but, can’t get to because of the back door refusing to open!


Yes, I’ve set my sights on Phoenix now—where it was 66º yesterday—and plan on staying warm at night for the immediate future. An old friend lives there and has floated an interest in spending a leg of my trip—the Grand Canyon—traveling with me.

So, it’s one more stop for what might be the last time I need to buy some propane cylinders and then it’s Highway 89 to Interstate 17, direct to Phoenix!

Happy trails my friends!

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