Joshua Tree Nat’l Park

Center map

This desert has lots-o-rocks!

This particular National Park is a bit peculiar. Although there are signs saying there is an entrance fee, there is no kiosk to collect it coming in from the south!

Like all U. S. Forest Service parks, the speed limit of 35 MPH goes for miles and miles (with no passing!) so, it’s slow going as you drive through it.

There was one unusual event: I was ushered past a strange sight by a park Ranger yelling at me to “keep moving!” An old airplane had landed on the main roadway and was just being pushed off to the side.

It looked airworthy from my vantage so, I’m thinking that it just ran out of gas and needed to set down. I hope that was all there was to it.

Full up.

Joshua Tree doesn’t really have a lot to offer, facilities wise. There are only three very small, very full campgrounds, each with a single loo—and no other bathrooms along the main road.

There’s myriad pullovers with a little educational display to explain the horizon features but, I think I breezed past the one building that must have had the gift shop so, no sticker for my back window!

I stayed the night in the parking lot for a little tent city so I had access to the single toilet there. Until sundown, there were lots of kids climbing the rocks but, the place settled into quiet once it got dark.

If you’re interested, my little butane stove is still doing a Yeoman job and some soup filled the bill for dinner. It was quite cool overnight as the desert is want to do.

A cool desert night.

I slept in my shorts and only pulled a sheet over me, albeit a flannel sheet—sometime in the middle of the night. A far cry from shivering with single digit temperatures on my earlier excursion!

My thoughts now go to the summertime heat, sleeping in an all metal box! I do have a 12 volt fan that I can power from my trusty battery jumper/portable power supply. But, there will be no air conditioning unless I want to start the Sienna up (which I really don’t want to do).

It may be wise to return to the northern border states when the sun starts to beat down on the face of the earth. I’m just thinking out loud, here!

The Sienna is definitely an old gal and I do worry about how she’s going to handle warmer weather! As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I am carrying extra automotive fluids like oil and coolant so, I am hoping for the best—and a quick fix on the road if I run into difficulties.

Where to now?

There’s no cell service in Joshua and I had to exit the park and locate a signal (yes, Mickey D’s; dos huevos burritos!) to make this post and to consider my next move.

I am thinking about London Bridge in Lake Havasu; I’ve never been to England and, since it was brought here, piece by piece and reassembled, now might be a good time to check out the history of what is one of the most famous bridges—if not the most famous—ever built!

Havasu is only an hour east of Joshua so, it makes sense for me to me to see it—before it falls down! Talk to you soon from the jolly old Lady.

Happy trails my friend!

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