Flagstaff, AZ: One more mountain!

Sitting in the shadow of a lone mountain.

Yes, the terrain visibly changed the moment I left Utah. Those crazy Arizona bluffs, those striations of the sedimentary rock becoming a mixture of red (iron) and green (copper) and those interesting rock piles—where larger rocks balance on top of smaller ones in a magical way—replaced the mountains and extended valleys of Utah, Montana and Idaho.

But, the horizon changed when I approached Flagstaff, with a beautiful snow-capped peak just to the north of Flagstaff.

There’s an App for that.

You’ll remember that I have several Android Apps to help me navigate the camper world; one of them is “RV Parky” that finds any place you can stop on a Google map display: Rest stops, truck stops, camp grounds and, of course, Walmarts!

The App showed that the Walmarts in Flagstaff don’t allow overnight parking—due to a local city ordinance—but, there were many comments by users that posted “there are always several RVs there with no problems.” And, sure enough, there were twelve here when I arrived. No police, no sheriff, no problems!

The Mr. Heater problem.

A little research online answers the question, “why is Mr. Heater so difficult on really cold nights?” I am pretty sure it’s the oxygen sensor being way too sensitive. It becomes more sensitive the colder it gets—which is why Mr. Heater fights me in the middle of the night when it’s frigid cold!

The way to combat this overly-concerned device—besides taking the unit back and getting another—is to fool it into thinking we’re all fine with the amount of air in here! Crack the door that Mr. Heater sits next to and she lights right up! Ha!

Not used to it.

Yes, I know that I came south to warm up a bit. But, last night, I found myself at a loss of what to do without single digit or negative temps plaguing my every moment! First, I was too cold. Then, I was too hot! Looks like there’s going to be a little learning curve dealing with
“milder” weather! Pretty silly, eh?

Phoenix is on my dance card for later today—with my sights on the Grand Canyon shortly thereafter.

Happy trails my friends!

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