Eagle Point, OR: Last Stop!

Center map

California Dreamin’…

Yes, I took my time traversing south to north through California, staying mainly on Interstate 5 (“the 5”) and stopping overnights at rest areas.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t too terribly tired one night: I aimed for a rest area that was closed when I got there. I said, “oh there’s another one about 34 miles up the road.” That one was closed too! I had already driven an hour longer than I had planned on …and now the next rest area was another 74 miles away.

Wait, what!?

Not on any map—or app—was a brand new rest area just 10 minutes or so past the second closed rest area near Mount Shasta. I spoke with a worker who told me he was proud to have opened up this new rest area about three weeks ago.

It really was brand new.

The bathrooms were new clean. The benches and even the trash cans were new clean. This rest area was only an hour away from Yreka (you’ve read about Yreka here before). Yreka is the last stop before Oregon, with the exception of a little town called “Weed.” I spent a couple weeks near Yreka the last time I was through here. The Klamath Forest where I met the cantankerous gold miner is only a few miles away.

And so is the California-Oregon border.

First stop, Medford. It’s a real city with everything you want t real city to have—including an In-N’-Out and some marijuana dispensaries.

Then, it’s Crater Lake.

Eagle Point, Oregon, is the “Gateway to Crater Lake,” according to the sign. For me, it’s a last Walmart supply center. I was here, stopped twice by the forces of nature, more specifically, snow, and had to layover at Eagle Point. Memories, too: it was at Eagle Point where I got my real first taste of overnight cold on a nightly basis. It’s here I bought my Mr. Heater Portable Buddy!

A warning, there is no cellular signal whatsoever east of this little haven so, you won’t be hearing from me for a few days. And after Crater, I’m going to head into the wilds of the Umpqua National Forrest, again, a place with no signals or any kind. I’m stocked up on eats and water (and cooking fuel) so I’m just going to disappear for a little while.

Happy Trails my friend!