Crater Lake: Thwarted

Center map

They said 18″ of snow!

The National Weather Service put out all kinds of warnings calling for eighteen inches of snow to hit Crater Lake. So, I stopped short of there and found a small state-owned rest area about 12 miles away. 

It had a lighted outhouse but, that was about it. The parking lot was just beside the Rogue River which offered a nice collection of ducks and geese first thing in the morning—and even a stopover from a large bald eagle!

I was there for two days while it rained.

Oh, it rained constantly but, there wasn’t any snow! 

When Christmas eve arrived, I knew that Walmart had announced they would be closed from 6pm until 6am on the 26th.

Sensing the last chance to buy myself a Christmas gift, I headed back to Eagle Point (the eagle I saw must have been an omen!).

I gave in!

Somewhat jealous of others who have heat in their campers, I decided the best gift I could give myself was a propane heater—and that’s what I got!

The Mister Buddy Portable Heater works like a furnace—with the push of a button. Boy, I now have instant, on-demand heating—and I like it!

Toasty warm!

The box says “safe indoor heat” and although I believe the hype, I don’t dare fall asleep with it on. I am also comforted by the fact that I have a carbon monoxide detector, just in case! 

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the warmth and how quickly I can warm up the minivan in just a few minutes.

Hotel Walmart.

I did stay in the parking lot of that Walmart, even though it was a little odd because the Walmart had closed.

I was solo with the exception of six other campers, including a fellow who has been stuck here for over a week with a dead battery (it won’t even charge) and a broken alternator (no doubt the reason for the dead battery)!

Where to now?

Well, so far, I’ve been lucky to avoid any major snowfall! I should probably continue my lucky streak and scope out the weather heading north towards Portland. If I see what I like, I’ll be going that way starting tomorrow morning.

I do have heat and I do have tire chains but, several inches of snow on the roads is not something I am quite ready for.

For now, though, I’m just going to soak up some heated minivan action! It may be 23° outside but, inside the minivan, it’s 75° – and I’m relaxing in a T-Shirt!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a warm night!

Happy trails my friend!

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