About The Author

meteordaveI’ve always wanted to do this!

For many years I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great to see the country and visit the places I’ve never seen?” That’s the whole idea of this little trip and this little blog: to share my adventure with you in words, photos and maybe even some videos.

Who is this nut?

I’m Dave, your “Minivan Explorer,” a now-retired former broadcast journalist who toiled for many years in such sweatshops like CBS, ABC and others, writing news like the world was going to come to an end! Thank the heavens that didn’t happen before I could get my hands on an old minivan, convert it into a camper, fill the tank and hit the road.

Ever kissed a stingray?

Honestly, I haven’t just lost my mind (although some say that’s the case)! And now that I have passed the microphone to younger reporters, I have a lot of time on my hands.

So, the idea came to me: see the country, take in some scenery and do some writing. It’s certainly less expensive than maintaining a home that doesn’t go anywhere else. I like to drive (good thing!) and I love to see new things.

I actually adore getting lost and finding my way back to my original destination (I’ve discovered all kinds of places and things after taking a wrong turn or just exploring an area I’ve never been to before).

There isn’t much risk as you really can’t get “lost” anymore today, thanks to the Global Positioning satellites!

The Great American Novel?

I pray writing this blog will help me “keep up my writing chops” while you come along for the ride. I hope you have a comfy chair! My ultimate goal? To write a book, of course! Got any ideas for me?

Email is the best way to contact me if you’re so inclined to let me know you enjoy my “work.” I’m pretty sure I can read everything that arrives in my inbox so, feel free to contact me.

There’s also no reason whatsoever why you and I can’t share a cup of coffee if I’m heading your way. Just let me know before I pass you by!

Thanks, again, for reading TheMinivanExplorer.

Happy trails my friends!